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Mountain Ziplining Tours Near Boone, NC


4-5 Hours

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Raft the thrills of the Nolichucky River: This scenic and wild rafting trip provides the highest level of adventure for families in the Southeast. Our Nolichucky trip features more than two dozen rapids as it carves through the steepest, deepest, and most remote river corridor in the surrounding area. Known for its challenging rapids, remote and rugged setting, and constantly shifting water levels, our Nolichucky trip is sure to impress! The outpost and meet-up are located in Erwin, TN.

  • Rates: $105 per person
  • Trip Mileage: 9 miles by river
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Minimum Age: 7 years old
  • Outpost & Meetup Location: 857 Rock Creek Road
    Erwin, TN 37650
  • Travel Requirements: Participants must arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled trip time.
  • Participation Requirements: Our Nolichucky trip is an adventurous and highly participatory activity. Participants must be physically capable of helping to paddle, picking up and carrying the boat, and walking to the launch point.

How It Works

Book your trip in advance! Participants will meet at our outpost location in Erwin, TN. Our expert staff will outfit each participant and provide all the necessary gear. Our staff will then shuttle the group to and from the drop-off and pick-up locations along the Nolichucky River.


Participants MUST be at least 7 years old and at least 60 lbs to participate, and an adult must accompany children. Because conditions and water levels on the Nolichucky can change drastically, we reserve the right to increase our minimum age requirements due to safety concerns.

Rafting participants must appropriately and securely fit in the life jackets provided. Our life jackets will accommodate a 52-inch chest.

What To Wear

Prepare to get wet! We recommend wearing bathing suits and quick dry or synthetic clothing versus cotton. Cotton gets cold when wet and does not dry out quickly. Participants are required to wear closed-toed shoes or sandals with heel straps. NO FLIP FLOPS are allowed.

What To Bring

Only bring along personal items that you are okay with potentially losing and getting wet. We strongly discourage bringing items like wallets, keys, watches, jewelry, and cell phones on the river. We do recommend that you bring any medication you may need. Our guides will have a safe place to store medication. We also recommend bringing water bottles and sunscreen. Before you leave, you will be given a secure location to leave your vehicle keys. Valuables, dry clothing, and towels are recommended to be left in your car, which you can easily access at the end of your rafting adventure.

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